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Electrical & Gas Services

Ashby excavating does excavation for both electrical and gas in residential and commercial projects. The right options for your project depends on numerous factors, including project budget, any obstacles in the way and the overall layout of your property.

Trenching is typically used for new electrical services in residential, commercial or industrial developments where there are no existing utility lines. The ditch trenched must be wide enough to accommodate the conduit that’s typically placed to protect underground electrical lines. Multiple utility services are often installed within the same trench, so this can change the parameters.

Different types of conduit are used based on whether it’s primary conduit, secondary conduit for 200 Amp or 400 Amp service or conduit for street or security lighting. If the trench is dug through rocky terrain, the conduit must be bedded with sand. Once the conduit is installed, the excavation contractor backfills the trench. New utility lines are pulled through the conduit in a process called cabling, and lines can be hooked up by a licensed electrician and service turned on. Directional boring may also be utilized to lay new utility lines when these lines need to run beneath existing obstacles.

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