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Sewer & Water Services

Ashby Excavating works with residential and commercial clients. Laying new sewer and water lines or repairing existing one. Give us a call / text for a free estimate (248) 628-6000

Sewer Services


Sewer lines eventually require replacements. These lines need immediate attention, delays can result in extensive damage or health hazards.

Exposure to sewer gas may cause side effects like nausea, headaches, dizziness, and impaired cognitive abilities. Not to mention, it smells like rotten eggs! You’ll need a repair ASAP.

Excavation workers must dig trenches and tunnels to access the sewer line. This will expose the pipe completely so that it’s easier to repair or replace.

No one wants to have their lawn excavated—but if your sewer line needs repairs, it may be necessary. Here are a few common reasons why excavations are performed:

  • The existing line is damaged. Oftentimes, this is due to tree roots. Damage to your sewer line can also be caused by oil, grease, and flushing things other than toilet paper. Avoid costly repairs by scheduling routine maintenance, like drain cleaning services.

  • You’re updating your septic system. Switching from a traditional septic tank to the city sewer system? You might choose to do this if your septic tank needs repairs, or if a new city bylaw requires it. If so, you’ll need a new sewer line to make the change.

  • You’re constructing a new residential or commercial building. If you’re building a new home or business, you’ll need a new sewer line, too! An excavation allows you to install this essential system on a new property.

Before the real work begins, Ashby Excavating starts by marking all utility lines. Accidentally hitting a utility line may cause a service outage in your area and cause serious injuries to those nearby—in some cases, it may even result in death. Careful and precise planning with an experienced team like Ashby Excavating is key to a successful sewer line repair.

At some point or another, most home and business owners deal with a damaged sewer line. A prompt replacement is the key to minimizing damage or exposure to any hazards.

Water Services

Ashby Excavating can install or repair water lines for your residence or business.

Since your main water line is underground, you may not think about it often. But this mechanism is central to the performance of your plumbing system. If you notice the following signs, you could have a problem with your water line:

  • Low water pressure. There could be a blockage in the water line that’s restricting the flow.

  • The water is discolored. Your tap water should always be crystal clear. Any brownish tint indicates that something’s wrong with your plumbing system.

  • Your water bill is increasing. If you notice a steady increase, your water line may be leaking.

  • Check the grass on your property. Wet spots on the lawn, or grass that’s especially green near your water pipe are signs pointing to a leaking water line. 

A water line leak can damage the foundation and landscape of your home. The longer it’s left untreated, the more damage it will do.

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